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Technology is changing the expectations of sports fans. Even smaller, niche sports need to respond to the growing demand for live content. In 2017, Fishing League Worldwide (FLW), the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, knew the time was right to take its coverage to the next level. After many years airing broadcast shows on networks including NBC Sports, The Outdoor Channel, and the World Fishing Network, it was time to expand into a range of live-streaming options.

To handle the technical and logistical challenges presented by this unique sport, FLW turned to their trusted television partner, Digital P Media.

FLW Live debuted at the start of the 2017 FLW Tour season, expanding bass fishing coverage from 13 hours of television and live weigh-in events to over 130 hours of coverage, all with the same amount of on-the-water production.

The approach employs state-of-the-art cameras with portable bonded cellular hotspots, enabling FLW Live to broadcast anglers miles apart on bodies of water across the country in a single livestream that also includes hosts in Benton, KY.

The cameras cover great distances and access remote areas, places where it would be impossible to get a traditional satellite truck, all while operating at a fraction of the cost.

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Live coverage has fans hooked! The global reach of the sport has been tapped into and viewers from across continents have a firsthand look at the real-time decision-making of their favorite professional anglers.

With viewership of over 100k per day, thousands of fans get engaged, commenting and interacting, as the action unfolds on, YouTube, and Facebook.

Since debuting in 2017, the growth of one of the most important factors, engagement, has been off the charts. The average length of time for a fan watching on has increased to over 30 minutes per visit during an FLW Live event.

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FLW + Digital P Media

With our help, Fishing League Worldwide has maintained its mission of providing an industry-leading lifestyle experience that is second to none. Reformatted and delivered across a variety of platforms, FLW live coverage has expanded the fan base for professional bass fishing and provided FLW with new sponsorship opportunities.