Create and Drive a Vision Forward

Origin stories exist in every industry, from non-profits, to established businesses, to young startups. Even towns and cities often have a unique backstory that forms during their journey to becoming established.

Beginnings are often rooted in our passions, but our day-to-day success is dependent on our connections and relationships with others.

Share your inspiration and purpose to forge relationships and loyalties based on an understanding of your vision.

Steps to Crafting your Story with Video

First Look Within

Gather the key players responsible for getting this thing started. Ask questions with genuine curiosity. Notice stories that are repeated and those that get the most reaction. If necessary, start digging through archives.

Establish Production Value

Investing your time and energy in a project that doesn’t meet viewer expectations is a frustration you can avoid. You don’t need a blockbuster budget to create a quality piece. Consider investing in a few key aspects of production.

Explore Storytelling Techniques

Often, a non-linear narrative is more engaging. Play around with recurring themes or start at the end. When you disrupt the expected, the audience is drawn in and their interest is maintained. Blend new interviews and archival footage for a unique perspective.

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