About Us

WE are creators of POWERFUL visual stories, crafted with INTENTION and PURPOSE. At Digital P, we pride ourselves on staying focused on the subject of our stories, immersing ourselves in their world so we can translate that to the audience with authenticity.

Digital P Media
Downtown Cary, NC

Why Digital P?

Full service production means starting with a strategic vision and executing at every step.

To start…to begin…to stare at the blank screen waiting for inspiration. Our job is to listen for your desired outcome and transform that into your vision. It’s one of the most exciting steps in the process. We work with you to balance that vision within your budget and timeline.
When it’s time to transition from creative to creation, we are innovative, collaborative and nimble. The Digital P team is passionate about capturing high quality footage so that we have plenty of options in the edit. Our experience with a wide range of projects keeps us efficient on location.
The post-production process doesn’t have to be full of pressure and expectations. This is where we really shine for our partners. Let us obsess over music choices, wordsmithing the script or pulling in that perfect shot that tells the story while meeting deadlines…that’s what we call a good day at the office.
Animation and motion graphics are where you can elevate a project and grab your audience’s attention. It is one of the most powerful ways to add production value when implemented as part of an cohesive digital vision.
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