Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Erin Sloan

About Erin

  • HOMETOWN: Born in Kansas with roots in the Midwest. Raised in Gainesville, FL
  • COLLEGE/MAJOR: Emory University, Psychology
  • FAVORITE BOOK: Bailey’s Cafe by Gloria Naylor
  • FAVORITE KID'S BOOK: Samsara Dog
  • HOBBIES: Hiking and outdoor adventures.
  • FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Banff National Park or any good mountain spot.
  • HIDDEN TALENT: Vacation planning. I love to find a good Airbnb.
  • FAVORITE PODCASTS: This American Life, Code Switch, and The One You Feed.
  • FAVORITE TV SHOW: Anything Tina Fey creates - 30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Mr Mayor.
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