Creative Director

Marshall Alderman

About Marshall

  • HOMETOWN: Raleigh, NC
  • COLLEGE/MAJOR: East Carolina University - B.S. Media Production
  • FAVORITE SPORT/TEAM: Hockey/Carolina Hurricanes. Although I’m a Pirate from education, I’m a Tar Heel born and bred.
  • PETS: I have a 5 year-old dog; a Havanese named Bertie!
  • HOBBIES: My hobbies tend to change with the seasons it seems, but I always enjoy creating things. I enjoy various DIY projects around the house and I strive to brew the unattainable perfect cup of espresso.
  • HIDDEN TALENT: I was born into a very musical family and have played several instruments including the Alto, Soprano, and Baritone Sax, and guitar. I have also sung in several choirs and choruses through the years, however not recently.
  • FAVORITE MOVIE: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • FAVORITE TV SHOW: Currently - Better Call Saul; All time favorite is Mad Men.
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